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Inline Alkaline Filter [IC101-ALK]

$66.00 AUD
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Easy to install along with your existing undercounter filtration system, simply cut the 1/4" tubing and insert the in line Alkaline balancer prior to your tap.

Alkaline refers to the pH level in water.  Normal drinking water generally speaking has a nuetral pH of 7.  Drinking water that has been filtered through an Alkaline filtration medium generally has a level pH of 8 or 9. 

The benefits of drinking alkaline water may be uselful to people who suffer from conditions including high blood pressure, high colesterol, acid reflux, and diabetes and to nuetralise acid in the blood stream*

* Please consult your physician should you have any concerns using this product

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Maximum Flow 0.8GPM
Pressure range 30-100 PSI
Maximum temperature 100ºF
Service life 5,500 Litres
Inlet/outlet ¼” EZ
Size 1.99”O.D. × 10”L

To ensure effcient performance we recommend to replace every 6 months. For Cold water use only.
Before use flush filter for approx 3 minutes, into a bucket and discard the water.